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[ At six-o-clock, she wakes. Ever since she was a child, rising early was part of her schedule—very rarely did she deviate from it. Today wasn't any different than normal. After spending a minute to make her bed, Miriam shuffles out of her room in her nightgown—it was nothing special; long sleeves, ankle-length, pink with some ruffles.

It takes a moment for her to absorb everything when she steps out. From the bowl of cream, to the kettle on the stove and then finally Jay making crepes. Waking up to someone was still a new experience—to someone making breakfast especially so. It felt odd, although she couldn't pinpoint why.

Ah, good morning. [ Her reply comes out while still slightly dazed, but she's quick to cover it with a smile. As she watches Jay reach for a plate, her eyes are drawn to the scars on his arms. Seeing them like that, she can't help but feel aware by her own scars that she fiercely hides. What kind of person was she, that she couldn't even show them to someone she trusts?

When Jay speaks up, she snaps out of her thoughts with a shake of her head and answers.

Two should be fine. [ Averting her gaze, she sheepishly adds to her previous statement while lightly tugging on her hair. ] ...But three would be nice. [ Of course she wanted three, but it wouldn't be proper to just ask for so much. ]

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