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floriography meme/call me out

the floriography meme
Flowers, in the Victorian Era (1837-1901), were often used as means of communication when people could not openly say things that we do these days. Think about someone who is naturally repressed; now imagine a whole society focusing on being repressed. You can see why lovers needed some sort of secret code. Poor things.

No longer used much, there are some remaining, well-known meanings—roses inspiring passion and love are a classic example. So, grab a bouquet and give it to someone special. Beware of what certain flowers could say, though. Not all flowers were used happily.

note: some prompts might cause triggers; be aware and specify in your comments

oo1. comment with your characters. add what character from here
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. go to RNG and roll 1-18
oo4. play out what happens! anything goes!
oo5. profit? profit!
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p r o m p t s
      oo1. begonia beware
A hidden message is always appreciated. You need to keep an eye out, because your best friend might be banging your girl, or your girl is trying to off you!

oo2. chrysanthemum you’re a wonderful friend
Commonly used for funerals, this flower can also be used to send a gentle message. Someone is interested in you, but you only see them as a friend. Sorry.

oo3. clover promise
Promises, promises. Sometimes you mean them, sometimes you break them. Today, you promised your lover the best day ever. But does it work out?

oo4. daffodil unrequited love
There is an old tale of how a youth fell in love with his reflection and drowned. This is the ultimate rejection: no sparing of feelings, no kind words. Crush their souls.

oo5. forget-me-not memories, don’t forget me
This well-known flower is often given to loved ones as parting gifts. Who knows how long you’ll be gone? Maybe for only a day, or forever and a lifetime.

oo6. hazel reconciliation
You and a former love have parted ways for one reason or another. Time has cooled your head, but not your heart, so maybe it’s time to rekindle that fire.

oo7. hyacinth sorrow, forgive me
This holiday does not bring happiness to everyone. Yes, you’re sad and alone this year—but what are you going to do about it? Hopefully not mope with ice cream.

oo8. marigold cruelty
Love doesn’t mean a thing to you. The people around you are all puppets, and you love playing with them in the meanest way possible. Have fun, you psychopath.

oo9. mistletoe kiss me
Pure and simple: give someone a kiss! Your lover, your little sister, a stranger from across the room, or go wild and give the whole town some love!

o10. orange blossoms wedding, marriage bliss
Oh yes, you’re doing it: having a wedding on one of the cheesiest days of the year! Bring your rice and gifts, a priest is waiting to unite two people in love.

o11. plum blossom beauty, longevity
It’s a long shot, but you gotta try it. Flattery and buttering people up is one of the best ways to get what you want… romance, a date, money, sex…

o12. poppy oblivion
It is never good to be oblivious, and it’s awful to not see that someone is in love with you. But sadly, you are. Or is the other person the clueless one?

o13. primrose can’t live without you
You need them. More than lust or financial stability, you cannot imagine a world where you are not with this other person. Who said anything about a healthy relationship?

o14. rose (dark red) mourning
You never broke up with them, you never forgot about them. This is true love separated—they’re dead and gone. But have you moved on?

o15. rose (red) i love you, confession
Today is the day to express love, and nothing is better than expressing a love not expressed before! So go on, confess those beautiful feelings!

o16. rose (white) secrecy and silence
Sometimes you have to keep secrets. Sometimes that secret is someone else. So, enjoy a midnight rendezvous or run away for a passionate day somewhere.

o17. sweet pea good-bye
This day can really suck sometimes. Not as bad as being dumped on Christmas, but all the same. Your special someone obviously doesn’t feel the same anymore.

o18. violets let’s take a chance
Go for it! Love is exciting, and you don’t have to stay in a rut. Date someone new, elope, or do something creative. In the end, be different from the norm this year!
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[ after having to cancel their plans due to a typhoon, Ciaran is more than irritated at being stuck indoors, without being able to see the love of his life- and the fact its been completely unsafe to simply invite her over to spend time with one another doesn't help either.

so today, the sun is shining finally, and he's marching over her house to see her first thing. the knocking on the door is polite enough, but when Ida opens the door, Ciara will look as stern as ever... or maybe its more determination? ]

The weather has settled, so I am here to offer you the date I promised you days ago.
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[ As soon as Ida hears the knocking, she comes running to open the door in a panic with brush and ribbons in hand. With a smile, she sheepishly tries to unwinkle her sleeping gown before settling to simply hide behind the door. ]

Oh, Ciaran! Um, you're early... Uh, I still need a few minutes to get ready. Do you mind waiting a bit?
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[ honestly, seeing Ida completely at a loss for him being there warms his heart and cools his determination a bit until he just seems...pleased. ]

Not at all. I apologize for catching you so unaware. [ while he moves into the room, he'll place a kiss on her forehead, before brushing right past her to sit on a nearby chair. ]
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[ Giggling quietly to herself, she closes the door and runs upstairs to finish getting ready.

A few minutes later, she comes down wearing a different dress than usual, although very much the same style with shorter skirt. Her hair is also braided instead of pigtails like normally. Flatting the skirt a bit, she looks at Ciaran apprehensively.

H-how do I look?
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[ admittedly, he's stunned into silence for a moment, but when he speaks up, he sounds completely sure of his words. ]

You look stunning.
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Thank you.

[ blushing, she brings her braid over her shoulder and reaches out a hand to him. ]

The clock is ticking.
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[ he'll take her hand without hesitating, giving it a gentle squeeze before he goes into doctor mode. ]

There are still many puddles, as well as mud puddles, outside, it would be smart to wear boots.
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Heheh, then it's a good thing I bought new boots when I had to go restock. [ was she preparing for the date or was it just pure luck. nobody knows... ]
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You were prepared, very admirable. [ luck or not, he's still impressed. ]

Where shall we go?
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Well, we could always go to the Clinic and you could give me a 'personal check-up'. [ ida...

After a mischievous giggle, she smiles and gives a more serious.

How about Luzula Meadow Path? It's the perfect spot for a date.
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[ he very visibly tenses up at the teasing, taking a moment to remember flirting was a thing, and his cheeks darken as he processes that this is flirting she is implying something indecent and it takes way too long, but he eventually sputters out a response of 'l-later' before he's trudging up ahead of her and pressing a hand to his face, the other still firmly holding hers. ]

T-To the meadow path, then.
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[ while he's still a little slow on the update, it seems like she's taught him well. it's so cute when he reacts like that.

she giggles quietly to herself as he marches forward, gently squeezing his hand and cheerfully following his wake.
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So shameless... [ its clear by his tone he doesn't really seem to mind, though. he squeezes her hand back in return. ]
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Ah, but aren't you also shameless for so boldly holding my hand without asking? [ not that she minds in the slightest, she just wants to rattle him up a bit. ]
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There is nothing indecent about holding your partners hand!
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It might not be indecent for you, but I'm sure there are others that disagree. Actually, I heard once that in distant lands, handholding is considered immodest. [ whether or not she's being truthful or just trying to embarrass him further, she certainly enjoying herself. ]
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I refuse to relinquish hold of your hand, foreigners or not.
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Heheh, good. I would be disappointed in you if you did.
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[ that makes his expression soften, and he'll walk at her side now, easing out of his flustered state. there are puddles all around them, and the walk is fairly dirty, but the sun is shining and the birds are singing and... she's at his side. ]

...its beautiful.
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[ She entwines her arm with his, and rest her head on his shoulder as they walk. When they arrived at their destination, she smiles softly and looks up at him. ]

It is. But to me, you're even more wonderful.
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[ he lets her lean close, happy to have her there. when she shifts her head, he'll look down at her, curious. ]

More wonderful than a sight like this? [ he seems almost confused, but seems to consider the possibility... before he nods his head, understanding. ]

You're more beautiful than all of it.