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["I shouldn't be alive."]

[It's been seven days since the otters found him when he bleeding to death on the edge of a cliff. He can't remember it clearly. All he can remember is stubbornly moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, until his weak ankle--(the one with the sprain that keeps coming back)--gave out and he didn't have the strength to rise to his feet again. Then there is a period of nothing, before waking up to pain and a circle of concerned, cheerful voices.

What's your name? Are you lost? Did a monster attack you? Where is your family?

They talked and talked in talk, sometimes two or three at the same time, in high, cheerful voices that made his head ache. None of them seem to mind that he doesn't talk back to them or answer any of their questions. On the contrary, they take his silence as a sign that he has nowhere to go and needed to be taken care of. It's not necessary. It doesn't make sense to him.

Jay honestly doesn't understand why the otters have brought him into their home, tended to his wounds, and have insisted, over and over again, that he should stay and rest for them for as long as he needed to. He would have left days ago, but his own body had refused to cooperate with him--and after the first time he had fallen out of bed, he's certain they started slipping some sort of medicine into his food that kept the pain away but left him sleepy and complacent.

Tonight, he had left the stew on the tray they had brought him untouched. It's been seven days. He's lingered for far too long in this house, small and round and colorful, when he should have been out looking for Master. He knew that he shouldn't be alive: he had failed a mission and, in his escape, brought the enemy in overwhelming numbers to Master. It was only natural that, when it became necessary, Master hadn't hesitated to throw him away.

Without him, Jay doesn't know what to do. All he knows is that he can't stay in this village. He can't stay with the otters. So, after the house has fallen still and quiet, he crept silently out of the room they kept him in. Every movement is painful, but Jay takes care to keep his footsteps silent; if one of the otters woke and found him wandering about, they would certainly shoo him back to bed. His dagger. Once he finds his dagger, he can leave the village and begin his search for Master. All he has to do is make the journey one step at a time.]

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