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[ Seven days.

That how long it had been since the boy had been brought to their—to Quppo, Pippo and Poppo's home. Just like she had. Although his injuries were much worst than the ones she had sustained. Much, much worst...

Not knowing how to help, and feeling useless for being unable to, she kept her distance. She didn't even speak to the boy, despite be encouraged to do so. He never talked anyway, so why bother? There was nothing for her to say to him, nor did she really want to say anything to him.

...No, that was a lie. There was plenty she wanted to talk about—who he was, where he was from, why he was here... But mostly, she wanted a name. Names were important. That's what she taught her.

Most nights, she couldn't sleep—at least not throughout the whole night. Laying down at night and waking in the morning uninterrupted was rare. When she slept, all the horrible thoughts she kept bottled while awake seeped into her dreams, turning them into nightmares. More often than not, she woke up in tears. After her crying woke the Orosoren countless time, she had learnt to at least keep her sobs and sniffing in check.

Tonight was no different. Blinking back tears and letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she slipped out of bed. Just laying back down never worked for her—her mind would wander too much, but pacing around before stopped that from happening.

It didn't take her too long to noticed that she wasn't the only one awake and about...

U-um... [ Her voice is quiet, barely above a whisper, but it's still enough to break the silence. Awkwardly, she tugs at one of the sleeves of her nightgown—a simple thing made by an inexperienced twelve year old. Her brain tells her that she should say more, but her mouth is dry and her lips are firmly shut. ]

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