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Jay ([personal profile] childinshadow) wrote in [community profile] caramelbox 2014-07-29 12:39 am (UTC)

[Miriam finds Jay at the foot of the stairs, clinging to the rail with in order to keep his balance. His ankle is still bothering him, He looks at her, expression cold and unreadable.]

... [At least it's just the girl, not the otters. Her name is... Miriam. She's been in and out of the room the otters have kept him in, bringing him food and asking him questions that he can't answer. (It's strange. What is a girl doing living with a bunch of otters in an underground village?) He stares at her, warily, from underneath a fringe of dark hair. Without anything to tie it back with, it's getting in the way even more than usual.

What does she want? Is she going to wake the otters up and make him go back to sleep? He's tired of sleeping, of wasting time lying about when he should be picking up Master's trail.]

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