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Jay ([personal profile] childinshadow) wrote in [community profile] caramelbox 2014-07-30 03:25 am (UTC)

[Normally, it would have been as easy as breathing to slip away from Miriam's outstretched hand. But his ankle is sprained, there's a long gash across his chest, and his ribs feel like one big bruise. All of it impedes his mobility and reflexes, leaving him unable to react quickly to her fall.

Although he tries to move out of the way, he just isn't fast enough. Miriam lands on top of him and he falls again, his bad ankle twisting and folding underneath him. The two of them land with a loud thump on the carpeted floor. Tears of pain swim in front of his eyes, but Jay refuses to allow himself to make a sound.

Crying is a sign of weakness. He's already a failure--he can't stand the thought of being weak. With shaky hands, Jay reaches out to try and push Miriam off of him... but there's no strength in the gesture. He might have been in bed for a week, but just walking down the winding staircase of the otters' home has taken a great deal of energy out of him.]

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